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Corriboard is tough and is designed to meet almost any handling application. The durability of the product permits assemble/collapse procedures in excess of 100 cycles achieving significant cost saving benefits, positive environmental impact and reduction in packaging waste charges. Ultimately, the product can be recycled at the end of it life time. Tooling costs are significantly cheaper in comparison to those for equivalent sized injection moulded items.

Benefits :

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Colour coded possibilities
  • Can be printed for identification
  • Ideal for closed loop transit systems
  • High chemical and moisture resistance
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • FDA approved
  • Easily cut, creased and welded
  • Self locking with no need for tapes/glues
  • Reduced packaging waste costs
  • Can be recycled at the end of life

Applications :

  • Transportation of machined automotive components
  • Pet carriers
  • Home removal boxes
  • Archive storage
  • Party hire trays
  • The applications and uses are without limit