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A lightweight semi-rigid double skinned product, Corriboard offers both impact and moisture resistance. Supplied in a range of grades depending on protection required, it is also available in Flame retardant to the construction industry certified standard of LPS1207 together with customer logo, if desired.

Temporary : 

Our product is lightweight, easy to handle and can be cut with any retractable knife. The availability of a translucent product also gives the added benefit of light transmittance where visibility is needed.

Applications :

  • Floors
  • Doors Walls
  • Batthroom/Kitchen appliance
  • Windows

Brick Manufacture

Corriboard is a well established protection medium used extensively throughout this industry. Our R&D department can provide bespoke solutions to cater for current automated production systems.

Layer Pads :

  • Glass bottle industry
  • Special concrete products