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With an excellent strength to weight ratio, easy to cut, crease and machine tool, Corriboard is a versatile product used extensively throughout many industries. Available in a range grades twinwall PP will offer handling solutions from the most lightweight to the heaviest engineering applications.

Bulk Liquids

  • Metal frame liners
  • Freight container door retainers
  • Collapsable pallet sleeves

Moulded Components

  • Self locking cases for container caps

Layer Pads

  • Colour options
  • Range of grades and strengths

Archive Storage

  • Moisture resistant for long term or underground storage
  • Colour coded for first glance document classification.
  • NHS patient file systems

Air Freight Pallets

With a profile structure composing 70% air, Corriboard is the perfect medium for the logistical movement of goods in a weight sensitive air transport environment. The product is, with airline approved status, in use for the safe air freighting of whole fish globally. Real cost benefit is achieved through the combined performance of good strength and light weight and clever design.

Factory Transit Trays

  • Collapsible self locking trays
  • In excess of 100 assemble/collapse cycles achievable depending upon use
  • Anti-static option available
  • PCB handling with conductive sheet