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Northern Ireland Plastics Ltd. has complied with the requirements identified in:
ISO 9001

Corriboard: Specifications

Sheet Sizes

Length : To customers specifications
Width : Maximum 2500mm

Standard Nomenclature

i.e. 4.0/700
4.0mm thick x 700 gms/sq.m

i.e. 1000 x 1500
1000 = width across flutes
1500 = length of flutes

Standard Sizes Tolerances


2.00mm to 4.00mm

Above 4.00mm

± 0.1mm

± 0.2mm

± TD 2.0%
± 1.0mm



+ 15.0mm

- 0.00mm

Length Trimmed ± 1.0mm
Max Off square across corners (Untrimmed) 15.0mm
Max Off square across corners (Hand Trimmed) 2.0mm

Print Treating

Where Corriboard is to be printed on or glued to, it is necessary to etch both surfaces during the extrusion process. Sheet is tested on line to a minimum dyne level of 52 dynes.

Conductive Corriboard

Supplied in black only. Surface resistivity 104 OHMS.

Anti-static Corriboard

Supplied in any grade or colour. Surface resistivity 1010 OHMS.

Flame Retardant Grade

Corriboard can be extruded with flame retardant additives to meet customer’s flame retardant requirements. e.g. The typical requirement for temporary protection sheets - LPCB Approved to LPS 12O7 - Fire Requirements For Protective Covering Materials. N.I.P. Certificate No. 341a. Other FR standards applicable.


Corriboard can be die cut, hot-air welded, ultra-sonically welded, glued and stapled.


Corriboard requiring extended outdoor life must be UV stabilised. Assuming normal weather conditions for the UK, stabilised Corriboard will last from 5 to 7 years.

Filled Grades

Talc filled grades are available to enhance the performance of the sheet i.e. greater rigidity, surface smoothness and thermal stability.